Timothy Herron, M.D.

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I am a board certified neurologist and have been in practice since 1989. My greater than 20 years of clinical practice in both the inpatient and outpatient setting has given me valuable experience from which I have grown as a clinician. At the core of my professional ethic, is the importance of spending time with patients to obtain the most accurate history possible and to perform a complete, comprehensive and thorough neurological evaluation. This allows me to provide the highest level of care that my patients deserve and as I would expect from my own physician.

I have considerable experience evaluating disorders of the spine, including back and neck injuries and more recently, traumatic brain injury. I also have much interest in fibromyalgia, stroke and Parkinson’s disease. I see patients in my clinical practice for consultations, follow-up visits and EMG (electromyography exams.) When asked, I also perform medical reviews and IME (Independent Medical Evaluations.)

When I perform a medical review or IME, I provide a complete, comprehensive and thorough analysis of all the information presented to me and formulate opinions that are objective and to a reasonable degree of medical certainty. I find that this thorough approach is necessary not only to provide the most accurate and clear analysis of the issues at hand, but may at times lead to a more prompt resolution, thereby saving valuable time and resources.

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Timothy Herron, M.D.

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